Zero Taper or Taper Free Cutting

SchGo Waterjet uses multiple state of the art technology waterjet cutting machines developed by Omax corporations. Our machines feature Omax’s advanced Tilt-A-Jet cutting head (AKA dynamic cutting). This allowed us cut virtually zero taper edges with most material up to 6 inches thick. Our normal cutting thickness ranges from 0.010 to 10 inches.

The Tilt-A-Jet positions the nozzle at a precise angle calculated by the industry-leading Intelli-MAX® software to exactly offset the natural taper from the abrasive jet. Taper doesn’t disappear. It is moved to the scrap part of the material, leaving your part with square, taper-free edges. Click here to watch Tilt-A-Jet in action.

Tilt-A-Jet Features

  • Easily make interlocking pieces, dovetail fittings, and lead ins without taper to reduce secondary machining
  • Continuously adjusts at thousands of points per inch along path
  • Automatic re-squaring feature ensures nozzle is square to the table
  • Faster cutting of high precision taper free parts with no need to slow down to eliminate taper
  • Servo-controlled programmable precision Z-axis with 6” of travel
  • Faster cutting due to “tilt forward” capability
  • Programmable manual tilt up to ±9° for the maximum tilt angle

Material Thickness and Size

SchGo Waterjet can cut up to 10 inch thick steel. Click here to watch a video cutting thick material.

Our cutting envelop is 80″ x 160″. Longer and larger material are achievable.

3D Profile Cutting

With Omax’s industry-leading Intelli-MAX® software and programmable Z axis, SchGo Waterjet can cut material with variable thickness from ¼” to 2” on the same part. The motor cycle rim was cut programmable Z axis.

Material Cut By Waterjet

SchGo Waterjet can cut virtually any material. Click here for a list of material stored and cut by SchGo Waterjet.