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Waterjet can cut virtually and materials and thicknesses. Cut edges are smooth, No HAZ (heat affected zone), No secondary process required. No expensive set up and jigs, Waterjet technology is environmentally friendly.

Our Laser cutting machine equipped with state of the art Fiber Laser Cutting technology, couple with advanced technology Compass cutting head to accomplish cutting speed up to 3000 inch per minute.

Which materials can be cut with SchGo waterjet & Laser?

Our waterjet can virtually all material. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Acrylics, ceramics, composites, plastic, glass, fiberglass, marble and granite… click here for a complete list of materials.

Our Fiber Laser can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and galvanize steel

How thick can SchGo Waterjet & Laser cut?

Our Waterjet can cut up to 10 inch thick material. Our Fiber Laser can cut up to 7/8” thick material.

What is sheet or plate size can SchGo Waterjet & Laser cut?

SchGo Waterjet table can cut up to 80” x 160”. Larger sheet or plate size up to 300” in length is achievable with SchGo Waterjets proprietary clamping system. SchGo Fiber Laser can handle up to 60” x 120” sheet size.

Can SchGo Waterjet & Laser cut material with uneven thicknesses?

Yes, With industry-leading software and programmable Z axis, SchGo Waterjet can cut material with variable thicknesses from ¼” to 2” on the same plate.

Does SchGo Waterjet & Laser work with CAD files?

Yes. SchGo Waterjet & Laser uses advanced 3D Solid Model CAD/CAM and Nesting systems to receive and interpret your digital data sets in standard file formats of DXF, DWG, STP, PDF, IGS, AI, & EPS.

How accurate are SchGo Waterjet and Laser cutting techniques?

SchGo Fiber Laser can hold tolerances of +/-.001″ with repeatability within +/-.001″. SchGo Waterjet can hold tolerances within +/-.005″ with zero taper.

How big is SchGo Waterjet & Laser facility?

SchGo Waterjet & Laser facility is approximately 20,000 square feet and 20 highly trained employees.

Does SchGo Waterjet offer zero taper or taper free cutting?

SchGo Waterjet is proud to be the leader in industries to offer zero taper (taper free) cutting technology using Omax’s industry leading Tilt-A-Jet technology.

Does SchGo Waterjet & Laser provide any engineering support?

Yes. With over 100 years of fabrication and engineering experience, our in house engineers and professional personnel are here to provide the best experience for you.

How fast can SchGo Laser cut?

Laser speeds vary depending on thickness of material to be cut. Our fiber laser is capable of speeds as fast as 3000 IPM (Inches per minute) with a total of 5Gs of acceleration and deceleration utilizing the latest in rack and pinion technology.

What is advantage of SchGo Fiber Laser over traditional CO2 laser?

Our Fiber Lasers excel in cutting thin materials, often twice or three times as fast as conventional CO2 lasers. This speed advantage, combined with the revolutionary technology provided by Salvagnini and their patented compass architecture helps us achieve the fastest speeds possible.

What is SchGo Waterjet and Laser quality system?

SchGo Waterjet and Laser was ISO certified and registered since 2012

Does SchGo Waterjet and Laser has material traceability system?

Yes, SchGo Waterjet and Laser have traceability system from Heat Lot number to finish products.

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