Precision Waterjet Cutting:

  • Micron-Level Accuracy: Our waterjet cutting technology operates with extreme precision, capable of slicing through materials with micron-level accuracy, ensuring that even the most complex designs are executed flawlessly.
  • Complex Designs Realized: We excel in bringing intricate architectural designs to life, from detailed façade elements to bespoke structural components, all with the clean edges and smooth finishes that high-end design demands.

Materials Expertise:

  • Versatile Material Handling: SchGo’s waterjet cutting services are not limited by material constraints. We work with a broad spectrum of materials, offering architects the freedom to explore and select the best medium for their designs.
  • Custom Fabrication: Whether it’s custom metal panels with elaborate cutouts or precision-cut fiberglass for aesthetic features, our waterjet technology ensures that each piece meets the exact specifications of your architectural project.

Value-Added Services:

  • Design Collaboration: Our team collaborates closely with architects and designers from the conceptual stage to ensure that the technical aspects of waterjet cutting are seamlessly integrated into the design process.
  • Finishing Services: Beyond cutting, we provide a suite of value-added services, including edge finishing, surface treatments, and material sourcing, to ensure that the final product is ready for installation upon delivery.

By choosing SchGo for your architectural project, you are not just selecting a service provider; you are partnering with a team that stands at the intersection of engineering excellence and architectural artistry. Let us take your architectural designs from imagination to immaculate execution with precision that only SchGo can deliver.