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Waterjet Advantages

Net Shape Machining:
SchGo Waterjet  machine feature Omax’s advanced Tilt-A-Jet cutting head (AKA dynamic cutting), this allowed us cut virtually zero taper edges with most material up to 6 inches thick. Finish product is achievable without secondary machining process.
Quality Edge Finish:
Compared to saw, routing, plasma and laser cutting, Waterjet cut edges are smooth, sandblasted like and considered finish cut (no burr, slag and discoloring). Secondary operations are not needed. 
No Mechanical Properties Changes:
Unlike laser and plasma cutting, waterjet cutting does not generate heat, thus no heat affected zone (HAZ). Therefore, waterjet cutting is ideal for cutting stainless, aluminum, tools steel, exotic alloys and metals or applications that require no second operation, no stress cracking (HAZ), no discoloring and no distortion. Aerospace and critical component manufacturing is shifting a large amount of their production to using waterjet cutting technology. 
Waterjet can cut virtually any material from rubber to titanium. Unlike CNC and punch presses, waterjet can cut brittle materials, pre-harden, and difficult machining materials such as titanium, Hastalloy, Inconel, stainless steel, tool steel and more. Click here for a complete material list.
No Tooling Change and Minimum Setup:
Waterjet can cut different materials, hardness and thickness without changing tools. One tool cut it all. (Water and Sand). Lateral forces with waterjet are negligible. Materials are secured to machine frame. Short setup time.  Multiple parts are cut in single setup. 
Nesting and parts within parts:
We combined our experiences with nesting software to arrange parts on the sheet to maximize material usage. We also employed parts within parts layout to make use of remnant and cut out material. WaterJet Kerf is only 0.020”, this allow close nest without damage neighboring parts.
Stacking of materials:
We are capable of stacking multiple sheets, to cut at the same time, to reduce cutting time.